Dancers in Quarantine

  13.05.2020   aaron   Photography   3 Comments

As the world has been coping with the coronavirus, billions of people have been under stay-at-home orders. Everyone has been affected in different ways. Dancers’ lives have been changed drastically

Tips for Preparing for a Dance Photoshoot

  13.04.2019   aaron   Photography   No comments

Getting prepared for a dance photoshoot (or really, any photoshoot in general) can feel a little unnerving at times, especially if it’s your first time booking a session or if

Roses, Windy Days, and the City – Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer

  10.04.2018   aaron   Photography   No comments

It was a windy day in Raleigh, but fortunately, it was a sunny day too. I mean, it’s April and we still had snow watches in effect. We’re in North

Portrait Photography Gear – What’s In My Bag

Photographers use all kinds of equipment, and being in the field of portrait photography, I’ve come across plenty of different kinds of gear that people use. It can definitely be

Welcome to my new website!

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Welcome to my all new portfolio! I’m so excited to share more with all of you from my shoots with some incredibly amazing people. You can find some of my